Ski resort information in Nagano

Nagano is one of the most popular skiing resorts in Japan.
"Hakuba", "Nozawa Onsen" and "Shiga Kogen" will be introduced on this website.

Hakuba-mura is a village in Kitaazumi-gun which is located in the Northern West part of Nagano prefecture. It is located at the foot of the Northern Japanese Alps and known for a popular summer resort, so many tourists visit for climbing mountain in summer and skiing in winter. The Happo-Onne ski resort known as the competition venue for the 1998 Olympic Winter Games Nagano is also located in this village.

[Nozawa Onsen]
Nozawa onsen has more than 13 public hot spring baths, which can be used for free of charge. There are numbers of Japanese style hotels called Ryokan and accommodation facilities at the foot of Kenashiyama mountain and gift shops around the public bath facilities. The Nozawa onsen ski resort which is known as one of the most superb and largest ski resort in Japan is spread around the east part of Nozawa onsen town. You can find many accommodations around the ski resort for skiers.

Shiga-Kogen is Japan's largest ski area with 21 ski resorts ranged from small to large scales. As snow arrives in October or November, ski season begins and ski resorts open one after another. You can enjoy the highest quality powder snow between January and February. You can still see many skiers in May and even in June as long as there is enough snow.